i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

the fibreglass itch

2 itchy blog entries in a row!
Tonight my common-law hubby came home from a construction site with an entire body super itch. He had been working with attic insulation - that fluffy fun cotton candyesque looking material that you either wanna eat or curl up and have a siesta on.

Even I, the self proclaimed dumb dumb when it comes to construction, know not to be tempted by insulations alluring cotton candy camouflage. I don't know how I know this, but i know this. One little rub a dub can make you want to tear your own skin off (or so I have heard).

I know Nelson knows this too - so I am not sure exactly why he had cuddle session with it -  which is the only logical explanation for his itchy hands, feet, stomach, hair, face, nails - all his 2000 parts. Even his eyeballs were itchy he said.

So how does one get rid of an itch such as this? antihistamines? (we all know I have plenty), vodka? (I use it for bug bite itch relief) Goldbond? (a bit old man-ish but supposed to work wonders). When my allergies are bad I stick a finger in my ear and vigorously move it around. Works like a charm.

But nope.

I learned today from Nelson that the best cure for insulation itch is a cold shower. He looked at me funny when I suggested a hot shower might be better - to burn off the itch. He said that was a terrible idea, that the heat would open up his pores, embedding the itchy fibreglass particles deeper into his skin. On the contrary, cold showers are better because they close your pores.

Logically it makes sense - and google confirmed its validity.

I wonder if this cold shower cure applies to allergies. I guess it doesn't really matter because even if it does I would rather suffer an allergic reaction and that handlebar moustache rash I get then torture myself in a cold shower. Cold water to me is for drinking, penguins, and Chris Angel Mindfreak tricks. 

I will be filing this fiberglass itch cure away in my 'just in case I ever am attacked by pink insulation' brain file.

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