i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, May 06, 2011

eviscerating with scissors

Today I read a word in my book club book (Running with Scissors, Augusten Burroughs) that I did not know. So I tested my figuring-out-on-my-own skills by word context and without the help of my trusty crutch the dictionary. To figure out is to learn.

For fellow clubbers who would like to follow along, please turn to page 213.

'If she were in a happy mood, her nails would be bright red. If she were feeling like she wanted to eviscerate her mother she would paint her nails burgundy.'

I can tell eviscerate must mean the opposite of being in a happy mood. Maybe she wants to punch her mother right in the face with gold gloves.

Or break a few teeth, give her the middle finger or maybe throw pasta sauce on her cashmere sweater.

Sounds like incision.
Sounds like scissors. Scissors cut. 'If she were feeling like she wanted to cut her mother to bits with scissors she would paint her nails burgundy.' This has a nice ring to it. I think I am on the money.

Next up - a visit to my good friend 'google image' could prove I'm right without a real dictionary. I did not find any pictures of girl's cutting their mothers to bits with scissors, but I did find these...


sword in belly

karate chop chop suey 

pull someones belly button out

Oh I am sooo on the right track

more sword in the belly poking
....which confirm what my common senses already told me. Eviscerate is definitely in a serial killer's vernacular, and I am sure that Tori Spelling totally paints her nails burgundy all the time.
But wait!

It is also used in World of Warcraft, My new favorite game. This word is really getting around! I have just confirmed that it is a spell in WOW, used by rogues.

I have also confirmed via dictionary that in human language it officially means to disembowel. Which would explain the strange belly button pulling from image #4.

I learned a new word today.
And I learned that I have a talent for figuring out words even when I have no idea what they actually mean.
Of course just asking the dictionary would have saved me some valuable reading time and I could have been 2 chapters ahead - but it is so much less fun.

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