i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, May 08, 2011

dis-map-ia learn

Geography has never been my strong suit.
No sir-ee I am not proud of my inability to read a map. You can absolutely forget about my being the navigator on a road trip. My dis-map-ia would have us land in Nunavet on a florida-bound trip.

don't the America's look like a duck?
Every so often there is a time when my lack of geography skills are exposed for what they truly are - utterly embarrassing. Tonight was one such evening.

Tim and his wife-to-be Kate are visiting from Australia. So we met up at Burgundy Lion for a drink and quick catch up.
Amelia was not present - but we filled Tim in on what's been going on in her life. We let him know she leaves for Croatia next week! How exciting!

I know nothing about Croatia, except that it is a country. I should have just quietly googled a Croatian map on my own time to see where it even is, but NO. I thought this would be the perfect time to bring up that I have no idea where it is or what it is like there.
(The worst part about this whole thing is that for the past month I have been psyching Amelia up about how amazing her vacation is going to be. How the heck would I know?)

Me: So where is Croatia anyways?
Tim: Near Greece.
Me: So where is Greece anyways?
Tim:...........the mediterranean.
Everyone else.......................

Thankfully someone then changed the subject - and no one quizzed me on where other countries are on the map.

I looked up Croatia when I got home and can now say with certainty that Amelia's trip is going to be amazing. It is right near Greece and right near the mediterranean like the worldly Tim promised. It is beautiful.

Additional Croatia facts:
1. It is in Europe.
2. People there speak Croatian. I did not know that was even a language.
3. It used to be part of Yugoslavia until 1991, so to give me a little break it is a fairly 'new' place.

Nelson right now is peeking over my shoulder, rolling his eyes and telling me I have no clue about geographics.

I am definitely an artist - not an atlas maker.

Oh - And I also learned from Kate and Tim that Perth Australia is the most isolated capital city in the world!

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