i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger shut

hello everyone.
yesterday blogger gave me the heave-ho and wouldnt let me sign on to write my entry...technical difficulties hmpf! And I wanted to talk all about how I finally learned who Ivan the Terrible is! Up until yesterday i only knew Ivan the Terrible as a crossword clue.

I love crosswords - and occasionally wear a racerback tanktop with a crossword puzzle (modelled here by stellabijou)

i memorize crossword answers without having any clue as to what they actually mean. Like when the clue is 'aircraft' I know the answer is SST. Or for ' ____ and Andy' the answer is Opie. Goodness knows why.

Ivan the Terrible appears in the newspaper crossword at least once a month.

stay tuned for todays learn - its a good one coming up!

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  1. You forgot "Ivan the Terrible" your uncle. Only he is really quite sweet and looks more like the uncle on "Christmas Vacation"