i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, May 07, 2011

bekster the grumpster

Today I am grumpy and not receptive to learning.
If I were wearing a mood ring it would be as black as a black licorice.

Or flamingo fuchsia like an 80s leotard.

I am grumpy because a quadrillion and one unfortunate events have conspired today (and succeeded admirably) to keep my smile tucked away behind my pursed lips. But I best keep my reasons to myself.

I could share these quadrillion and one events with you, but the last thing I need is to relive my day with a play-by-play rant. Plus, my mood is terribly contagious. And I do not wish to make you terribly grumpy too.
Just look at what it did to Nelson.

someone call an italian to ward off this evil eye
It made him very very cranky too.
His mood ring would be mustard stain.

Despite my being grumpy and unreceptive to new information, I managed to retain some learns anyway.

1. I learned that nasa made margarine using the chemical liquid hydrogen that they also used in rocket fuel.

2. I learned that when you pour peroxide on a cut, the infection it treats turns white for a bit. Nelson showed me with the tiny construction cuts all over his hands.

3. And now that I think of it, I kinda learned that looking at Nelson's cranky face can make me laugh even though I don't want to. Maybe I should carry it around in my purse.

That is all. Grumpy people don't like to explain themselves.

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  1. James...

    ...kinda loves how when you show Nelson your cranky face...

    ...he just stares blankly back at you and rubs his right nipple.