i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, April 08, 2011

toto package

I learned something new today from Kale.
He came over for tea and raspberry smoothie.

I was featured on a mini documentary Kale once did about people with strange idiosyncrasies. Kale finds it very intriguing that I count my steps to the metro, don't like children's hands because they're germy and that Stella insists on drinking her water from a human glass.

So it was to be expected when he asked if my automatic garbage can opener helped me avoid germs.

Yes it does, thank you very much. My Mom got it for me as a condo warming present - a priceless token that ensures the only time I will ever make trash contact is when it leaves my hands to become one with the white plastic sack with red handles.

I like that. Because I dislike garbage very much.

It was when I told Kale that I force Nelson to take out the garbage when it is full that he informed me about another gadgetry that I never knew existed, but I would adore.
drumroll please.

take it away shirtless!

A. self. cleaning. toilet. for. both. INSIDE. and. OUTSIDE. the. bowl!
Kale has she-she-poo-poo (poo pun intended!) Parisian friends who bought a toilet from Japan that the seat lifts automatically, and cleans both your parts and its parts after you use it. THEN A thin layer of water flushes and overflows, clinging to the outside of the bowl, then into some flushing system underneath. AND THEN The seat gets sanitized after every use by rotating while being scrubbed.
Now that is luxury.
I read up on such toilets.
Many are made by a brand called 'TOTO,' which naturally must derive from the japanese-english expression 'toto package.' And toto package these totoilets are.
Some even have a massage feature. I am not what a toilet massage is. But I am sure I want one. So did Will Smith. So he bought himself a self cleaning toilet. Google told me so.
Here are some cool toilet pictures google told me about:

I hope this granite one comes with a seat warmer

And to think I thought my toilet was hi-tech because it has a bigger-wider flush hole than the standard. Is it weird to ask Santa this year for a toilet?


  1. Please Santa, send me one too! The egg-shaped one will do my tushy just fine.

  2. Not at all mom... in fact, you could ask Santa for one that washes all your naughty bits.