i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, April 28, 2011

USA pay kinks my day

Today I had to wait in line at the Bank.

It was hell on earth.

Usually at the end of such lineups there are fantastic things worth waiting for. Rides at Disneyland, sample sales, American Idol judges. Don Bluth.
But not today - I was simply waiting forever to speak to a teller so I could ask for permission to access my own hard earned moolah. Alls I have to say to that is thank goodness there isn't a toiletry bank where I need to wait in line to ask permission to use my deodorant or lip balm.

I'm an ATM girl. A normal bank transaction for me is quick. I go in, use the ATM. I'm gone in 60 seconds like Angelina Jolie.
But today there was a little glitch in my routine when the ATM accused me of having 'insufficient funds' when I knew I had very very sufficient funds.

So in the lineup I waited, festering about the bank obviously still holding a cheque that I cashed a million years ago. I daydreamed myself yelling 'unacceptable!!!' at the possibility of the tellers inability to give me my own money. Then of course I daydreamed the teller cowering behind her desk and curtseying. 'Yes ma'am - we will fix it right away ma'am.' Yessir she was going to get some two cents.

But obviously when it was my turn I was very sweet and composed. Everyone knows you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.
The teller explained to me that because I cashed an American cheque in what i thought was a time-saving ATM, there was actually a 30 day hold on it.

30 day hold on American cheques cashed in the ATM! So now that I have learned that, what is the lesser of two evils for the next time?

1. wait in line to cash the cheque at the teller?
2. wait in line after cashing the cheque in the ATM?

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  1. I pick 3. Use your credit card until the check clears! ;)