i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

secret ingredient

To start off, a virtual high-five is in order for my success in being able to post before midnight!

Now onto today's learn!
Today I learned the bizarro secret ingredient to making tastelicious red velvet cupcakes.

The secret was love of course!
Oh - and vinegar. Now what the h-e-double hockey sticks is vinegar doing in my cupcake recipe? I like vinegar. But I like it as the secret ingredient to make baking soda volcanos or potato salad, not my sweet little sugar fixes.
I made red velvet yellow velvet cupcakes with teal icing today with Kim using Tanya's recipe. We worked very hard, and put flour on our clothes and cheeks to prove it.

***objects in sphere were more delicious than they photoshop appear

I was very skeptical as we poured the clear but potent liquid into the batter.  It was one of those 'which of the ingredients is not like the others? Which one of these ingredients just does't belong?' moment. It smelled funny. "TANYA!!!!! it smells funny!"

Maybe I just don't bake enough - apparently vinegar is in a lot of cookies and cake recipes. It reacts with the baking soda to jumpstart a carbon dioxide chemical reaction that helps batter to lift as it bakes. And I totally had to paraphrase that last sentence because baking is a foreign language only to be understood by bakers.

I pulled a Jack Sprat and licked my paper platter clean. 

High-five to me for getting to bed at a decent hour tonight!


  1. You forgot "TANYA! do we just put all the ingredients in one bowl?" "TANYA! How many cupcakes will this make?" "TANYA! How much batter do we put in each cup?" "TANYA! You're the little red hen!"

    As if I know what to do...most of the time I'm just wingin' it

  2. haha.

    Tanya will you help us with the bowl?
    'no i cannot help you with the bowl' said the little Tanya.

    Tanya will you help us know how many it makes?
    "no i cannot help you with the number' said the little Tanya

    Tanya will you help us with the batter?
    'no i cannot help you with the batter' said the little Tanya

    Tanya will you help us EAT the cupcakes?
    ''Hell yes'