i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, April 03, 2011

roger that

Today I learned something from a sweet old lady in costco.
No, not my mother (but obviously I was with her) - someone about 30 years her elder. The lady was carrying a red tray with 2 of costco's famous hotdogs and fries, and struggling to get it on our neighboring table. Naturally I helped her out, which broke the ice that usually interferes with the making of connections with the strangers who eat hotdogs beside us. (And anyone who knows my mother knows she makes friends with everyone while she's out and about, from the man cooking her burger to the frazzled woman ahead in line).
Immediately a conversation began:

MAN SHE WAS WITH: oh, you girls are in for a treat. Do you know who this lady is?

LADY TO MAN: oh shut up.

MAN SHE WAS WITH: What? Are you two into hockey at all?

ME: uhm...I sort of am (total lie, but I figured since she obviously had some hockey fame I could make Nelsons day by telling him later who she was. Plus I didn't want to be rude.) Who is she?

MY MOTHER: Not me, I know nothing about hockey. I once told Jacques Demers wife I had no idea who he was - total faux pas. (I am paraphrasing here).

ME: So who is she?

MAN SHE WAS WITH: That lady there was married to Roger Doucet...

MY MOTHER: The singer! (how in heavens name did my mother know this i dunno!)

MAN SHE WAS WITH: Yes, the famous anthem singer for the Montreal Canadiens.....

ME: (blank stare)

MAN SHE WAS WITH: how old are you?

ME: 28.

LADY: Well tell your parent, they'll know.

ME: She is my parent

MY MOTHER: I am the parent.

LADY: What? Were you 12 when you had her? You look so young...

I can guarantee that was my mothers favorite part of the conversation. I'm sure she liked it even more than when the LADY (unawares that we were mormon) stated her opinion that mormons were the weirdest people you would ever meet. That was my favorite part.

Anyways, so this Roger Doucet guy. I decided to inform myself on this man, since we are now two degrees of seperation apart. He is somewhat of a Quebec legend, famous for being the best tenor that ever sung the Canadian anthem at the Montreal Canadiens hockey games in the 70s. He also sung at the Alouettes and Montreal expos games.

He was known for singing the anthem wrong by changing the final english lyric to-
"O Canada, glorious and free / We stand on guard, we stand on guard for thee"
Usually it's sung as: "God keep our land glorious and free / O Canada we stand on guard for thee"

Sadly, he passed away in 1981, before I was even born. But I am happy to have learned about him and his legendary effect on the Montreal Canadiens from his lovely and very happy wife. After leaving our table, Mom and I both agreed she made our day.

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  1. Yes, I can proudly say that Mormons have often been described as a 'peculiar people'.

    PS Your mother continues to surprise me. I would not have known the name Roger Doucet....and she never watches hockey! Go figure.

    PSS She is rather young looking isn't she?