i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

the price is wrong

Winning prizes is fun!

ahhhhhhhh! This is the greatest day of my life!!
Even Watching people winning prizes is fun!
But winning prizes can be a burden too.

Taxes make me cry!
People go insane-o on the Price is Right when they find out they've won anything. I've seen a man do backflips. I've seen women burn 3000 calories in a 3 minute jumping session.

I am happy they turn off the camera for when the contestants calculate how much they will have to pay in taxes in order to claim their prizes. And then cry.

To win The Showcase Showdown, literally thousands of dollars must be spent to collect it. So it turns out to not really be a win after all. So of course people leave the set of the Price is Right giftless, and then we see their prizes recycled on subsequent episodes, until some joe shmoe can afford to cash in. Or another Joe schmoe sells his child on the black market to be able to absorb the taxes.

It is like going to a Holt Renfrew outlet and seeing a dress thats on sale for 3000$ - but it used to be 1200$. It is still not coming home with me.

Ted Danson knows what I am talking about. Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm tried to give Ted a so-called 'gift' that required Ted to go through the process of returning and exchanging the polo shirt 'gift' because it had a hole. Ted was like 'That's not a gift, Larry - thats's a burden!'

Richard Hatch feels the same way.
Just ask him about his 4 year burden in jail for attempting to keep his prize all to himself.

So I have established that winning prizes is a burden. That is unless...........

Ta-dah! Your prize was won in Canada!
That's right - today I learned that Canadians don't get taxed on any of their prizes (if won in this country). That means radio prizes, game shows and even the lottery! It all gets paid to you in one lump sum - tax free!

My hairdresser Lou taught me this.

I bet Richard H wishes he had survived the cold winter nights in Nunavet instead.
I bet I will gamble just a little bit more now.
I bet if you didn't know this - you will gamble just a little bit more too.

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