i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, April 29, 2011

not orchidding you


I learned today how to keep an orchid alive.

I am not the friend of plants - i managed to kill a plastic one once.
My flower caretaking skills consist of sticking them in a vase and waiting for them to die; fingers crossed they make it through the week.

For me, candy is a much more sensible gift (although it's chance of making it through the week is also pretty grim)

Tonight at Dales I noticed how wonderful his orchid is. It is the most vibrant shade of pink and hangs lopsided like a plant from Dr. Seuss' imagination.

 I wanted it in my home, but the last three orchids I have attempted to raise ended up turning to flower dust. They crusted like petrified mummies, and crumbled when even looked at.

When I paid Dale an orchid compliment he said his trick was to feed it two ice cubes a week. And that's all the care it needs. The ice cubes melt slowly, giving the plant time to digest the water in droplets. Very very clever. (Of course this is the lazy persons way to keep it alive - but hey, I'm a lazy one)

Didn't someone say once 'if you can raise a plant you can raise a baby?' Looks like I will be able to raise a baby now! Let's just hope the baby can also survive on just two ice cubes a week...

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