i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, April 09, 2011

live-action cartoon

Today I was witness to a truly remarkable piano spectacle.
It was quite different from the piano spectacles I've participated in in the past - where I 'm twelve years old and competing to win the red ribbon for my rendition of the ragtime hit 'the entertainer.'

I accepted the invitation this morning to a breakfast/piano craning, in which a 700 pound piano would be craned to a third floor condo while we watched and munched on well-cooked bacon and eggs. Jen's parents are moving, and did not want to keep their family piano. Mrs. Nostalgic opted to crane the beast to her condo in order to keep in the family.

Until I witness a woman skinning spotted dogs to wear as fur coats, this experience is the closest I can get to living life as a cartoon. 

It is a classic scene: a larger than life grand piano gets craned up to a high-rise, only to break its straps and fall 60 meters, crushing the poor feller minding his own business on the sidewalk underneath.

I had never really considered the idea before - and I had no idea that this is truly the way pianos get moved. And the movers were professionals too, specializing specifically in the relocating of pianos! I don't know how many pianos get craned in a year, but i can tell you it apparently is enough to make a living on.

Their professionalism showed. I planned to document the entire event, assuming I would get a good half an hour to snap photos left and right....but the entire process took about 10 minutes, from the time the crane originally showed up to the time it departed nearly crushing another car parked nearby.
this left me about 1 minute of air-time, and here is what I captured:

I learned today that not only do pianos get cartoon craned, but it all happens faster than you can play 'chopsticks.'

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