i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lessons from a celebrity

Normally when a celebrity talks to me it is through my television. But today a celebrity and I spoke face to face. And better yet - he taught me something new so I can brag about it in my blog!

"Perfection is the enemy of progression."

My friend Alain Zaloum the director and celebrity taught me this expression today. He first heard it at a conference starring a woman from the 'ebay' family. He likes it a lot - and found two ways to mention it today during lunch. I like it too, and think I shall use it as my mantra when I am Q-tipping my ears or doing my makeup. Who ever said lipstick needed to be exact?

Alain insists he is not a celebrity. But Celebrities-Galore.com - numerology of the famous disagrees. Therefore I disagree. The site states clearly he's a star - and have even given a detailed breakdown of Alain's personality according to his number charts. They would not have done that if he was just a John Smith Joe Blow. Alain you are so modest!


ALAIN did you know you have the same life path as Hitler, Helen Keller and Louis Braille? And that anyone in the world (men and stalkers included) can test their love relationship compatibility with you?  Now that's fame.

 Readers were going to google image this pic after anyways. Sorry, Alain. Stardom means privacy and discretion get thrown to the wind. 

Alain also taught me some sound writing advice today that is wonderful and I will employ as I blog.

'Don't write what you know - know what you write.'

Thanks AZ! xo

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  1. ooops.
    it's "Perfection is the enemy of Progress"
    yikes. guess i did not learn that properly at all!