i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, April 09, 2011

whats APpening?

It was a big learning day for Nelson. And therefore a big learning day for me - as I learned vicariously through him twice today. It is not everyday that he teaches me something new. So it is a really exciting time.

1. LEARN #1

i never knew french people have acronyms too!

Nelson was texted 'MDR' today and had no idea what it meant.
He asked me.
My stab at it spurted out 'Most Dumb Retard?'
It is not.
MDR is actually the LOL equivalent on planet french
it means Mort De Rire - (which translates to 'die of laughing')

I wish I knew more french acronyms.
I'm sure Apple has an ap for that. They have an ap for everything, including learn #2:

2. LEARN #2
access to the nearest police scanner!
no joke. Someone taught Nelson about this ap. You can tune into police scanners from all over to hear about crime live! Miami, Detroit, Montreal, Los Angeles.....! It is pretty crazy. If I had appabaility I would tune into Jenn Wright in Burnaby doing her RCMP thing.
Or one of those calls where someone dialed 911 to complain about their burger order at a fast food joint.

3. LEARN #3
Nelson is reading my blog. He just questioned if the M in MDR was spelled mort (like i had written it) or mord. Who knows why I knew that it was mort, but I knew.
But what I did not know is that Mord means bite.

bon soir tout monde je besoin a coucher!


  1. Ca prenait ben une anglo pour m'apprendre MDR! (I was puzzled... Now I know!)

  2. Haha Isabelle
    As-tu penser que MDR etait merde?