i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Today, Nelson saved me from learning something the hard way - from the police.
I have borrowed Molly from my mother for a couple of weeks to get home from work after the night shift.

Molly is very old. In cars years, she is 91.
My mama says 'treat her like an old lady and she'll get you from point A to point B.'

And like an old lady, Molly struggles with some physical ailments. She no longer has turbo - so her maximum speed is 100kph...120 if the mood strikes her (she likes to play tricks with this - slowing down dramatically as you attempt to pass someone, making you feel like an eejit as you are forced to pull in sheepishly behind them instead). Her trunk no longer opens unless you push the button and pull it open at the same time, and her check engine light remains permanently lit.

But perhaps her greatest affliction is her alzheimers.
Molly forgets how to play music. No cd's, no radio. Nada. Her speakers have ceased to work. The only noise she can make now is the rattle of her metal parts. I love her, but singing a cappella in the car drives me crazy (and also scares me a bit). I need to sing at the top of my lungs in the car with music. It is healthy for you, in fact I consider its to be one of the main ways I get exercise, from Carpeggios.

So I thought I had a remedy to this little malady of Molly's.
I've been using my iPod in the car. With earphones.

Genius. Like I am in a music video. I think people can hear me outside the car though, especially if I'm stopped at a light. But it is kind of liberating in an I'm-a-freak-but-you-can't-stop-me kind of way. I have not graduated to doing this yet while walking outside - only if I think I'm alone.

Onto the domino effect of learning from Mollys lack of radio:

Well when I mentioned to Nelson today I needed the iPod charger to charge my iPod to be able to sing in the car he was a total killjoy:
'Becca that's illegal! You could get a ticket for that.'

And I was like
'Wha....! Why?'

'Because it's a distraction - you can't hear people honking.'

'Yes I can hear people honking. And anyways you hear less when you have the actual speakers blasting, no? And that's not forbidden.'

'Ipod's are illegal, okay?'

I am bummed. This time he sounds like he knows what he is talking about.
I realize it would totally be a bad idea for a motorcycle - but a car? I don't see much difference between cruising with the illegal iPod headphones vrs legal car speakers.
I did some thinking about this, and have come up with the logical explanation of why its a no-no.
It is illegal because CHOOSING your music can be considered dangerous, I suppose. Scrolling through the menu to choose that perfect tune. Like texting, you need to look down at your screen.

That being said, Nelson today has taught me two things. That it is illegal to listen to your iPod in the car, and that if I am going to continue to do it without being detected, I will need to wear my hair down over my ears. This of course will do nothing to help my freaky-girl-singing-loudly-to-herself image, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Don't worry Mom, I never look at the screen - I just push next and go with the flow. Even less harmful than changing the radio station.


  1. Thank you, Nelson!!!

  2. James said...

    Long hair to the rescue!

  3. But what about the people that use the head phone as a " hands free" cell phone method??? that would mean you can