i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, April 14, 2011

super sight

I never wear my glasses. They give me a headache and make me look like Bubbles' sister from another mister.

As a child they were my best friend: crooked and dirty as an algae-filled fish tank they sat upon my cherubic face, from sun up to sun down. I got them at 2 years old. Before that, my world was made of colors and shapes. My mother was a mere blob, and I guess I used my senses of smell and touch a la Helen Keller to determine who she was. My statement 'mummy you are so beautiful' after putting my first pair on proves just how blind I had actually been.


As a teen I fell victim to glasses dysmorphic disorder - where I saw myself as a hideous beast-monster that no boy found attractive - and I switched to colored contacts.


In my early twenties I stopped wearing both glasses and contacts altogether, and started to seriously develop the super power of focusing my eyes. People do not believe me, but I can see at like a 20/20 vision when I flex an eye muscle. And with repeated flexing over many years, it has become natural to me. I don't even realize I am flexing, until I put my glasses on and my eyes go back into their relaxed state. But lately I have realized that even super powers need a break once in a while.


Even though I ditched glasses as a permanent fixture years ago, I still purchased new ones for as long I was still riding the 'Daddy's insurance' train. My latest pair is about 3 or 4 years old, and I have probably sported them like 3 or 4 times.

They have been impossible to wear. Even though they were custom fitted to my face,  they still give me that unbearable behind the ear headache after two hours of wearing them. The same headache that those cheap plastic headbands give you. Then off they come, back into their unscuffed case until i am up for torturing myself again.

But today I learned that if I wear them long enough the headache will dissipate. For the past three days I have forced myself to wear them at work, hoping they would save my neck by encouraging me to sit ergonomically. I still do not know if they help my neck, but 3 days seems to be the key to making me a headache-free woman!

Headache mystery solved.
Just like a pair of new boots. They leave you all blistered until you break them in.

I had no idea how deprived I have been until now.
'Mummy, HD is so beautiful!'

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