i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, April 30, 2011

happy slapping

Kale, Matt and I are doing some compositing for a film called 'Happy Slapping,' a feature length scripted film shot entirely on an iphone.

Today I learned what 'happy slapping' actually is - and it is not happy at all. It's ironic - like calling a really tall man 'Shorty.'

Happy slapping is a fad in the UK that began back in the mid 00's where jerks assault an unsuspecting random victim by slapping them, and another jerk records it on their cellphone camera. They think it is funny and spread the videos around via YOUTUBE. Typically it is done by teenagers - whom I find to be some of the scariest people on earth. I get more nervous passing a pack of teenagers than I do passing  pack of wolves.

I do not wish to post footage of it on this blog because it makes me sad. It also makes me want to learn jujitsu so I could open a can of whoop-ass if anyone tried this on me or in front of me to someone else. There is plenty of footage where the attacker messes with the wrong dude and gets a smackdown. That is less sad but sad all the same.

Whatever happened to classically funny videos like poop dollar?

Or why has no one created a 'happy candies!' video where someone runs around making people happy with sweet tokens?

Check out this video instead. It is what happens to your face when you get slapped. We humans are more elasticky than I thought.

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  1. James says...

    I love this entry :) Concise, funny...you're on a roll! Though I really doubt the validity of the slow-mo slap footage. His nose just...breaks! Is that really real??