i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, April 22, 2011

dessert dislike

i never dislike dessert. It is my favorite meal of the day. I devour desserts like yesterday's cupcakes. remember?

Look how my jaws tear through the paper flesh! I'm a dessert animal.
Up until tonight I didn't think it was possible to dislike a dessert.
But it is very very possible.

I do not like Indian desserts.

I was at an indian themed dinner party at Emily's. She built the theme around the fact she just moved there and has no furniture yet. We ate on the floor, on pillows that were on an indian blanket, that was on a mexican blanket, that was on a persian rug.

furnitureless is the best time to have an authentic indian dinner party.

The dinner was amazing. Jen brought the dessert, which she bought from a local indian owned dep.

google image jalebis

This is a Jalebis. It is a traditional east indian dessert that I am glad I tried, and glad I never have to try again. It is actually that yellowish/orange. And it tastes like pure oil, that's honey flavored to mask the pure oil texture.

It would not be fair to write off all indian desserts had this been the only one at the table. But there were three more funny unnamed tasting sweets that did not tickle my taste buds. One looked like a small twinkie but yellower like homer simpson (this google pic does not do the hue justice):

one looked like a date square:

and one looked like fudge.

Each bite of each dessert was like the experience of drinking what you thought was water that turned out to be vodka.

They say you have to try something 8 times to know if you like it or not. So I ripped the desserts it into 8 tiny bites and nope, confirmed they will never make it to my recipe box. All six dinner guests unanimously agreed that indian night was a super success dinner-wise - but dessert did not make the cut.

snake charming
zen tricks
Thank goodness Jen was smart enough to bring ice cream 'just in case.' Zoe was just as clever, and brought a cookie filled camembert wheel.

Invite me to an indian dinner? anytime.
Invite me to try jalebis again? I already did 8 times. that was more than enough.

मैं भारतीय मिठाई नफरत


  1. lol Zoe! How is it possible that a culture that makes such amazing food can produce such inedible desserts?

  2. There are some good Indian sweets out there but you have to hit a proper Sweet Shop to get them. Not too many in Montreal but there are some.

  3. Mamun!

    Where are these proper sweet shops? I'd love to try the best of the best desserts India has to offer. Do you make any yourself?