i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, April 04, 2011

if chemotherapy had a taste...

Today I was very intrigued by Jojos nail biting deterrent. He keeps it in his pocket. He planned to apply some after dinner, in case an accidental finger lick occurred during his meal.

I was curious enough to see what this potent polish was all about. Can it actually deter an addiction as strong as chewing ones nails down to nubbins? I wanted a little smackeral for myself. Maybe if it worked I could put it on that second peanut butter and jam sandwich I can never resist.

So Jojo Juju Humhum Ghorghor applied the littlest of dabs to my weirdo index talon. The finger choice wasn't random. My poor talon has been the source of many chinese estheticians giggles and gossip. And although I do not bite my nails - I pick them a heck of a lot, which has permanently transformed both of my index nails into pointy little claws. It has been my new years resolution now two years in a row to try and get them back to normal.
sorry I had to whisper for this video - Nelson Jr. was sleeping like an angel:

My shame at my nails beast-like appearance got the better of me so I gave it a good cream before recording the little clip.

The deterrent was plopped there around 6 pm this evening. It is now like 4 in the morning and it still makes me want to cry.

no may gusta.

I must say, it made me realize that my fingers spend more time in my mouth than I originally thought. At least 5 times since it was applied. And as you can see it is horrible. Truly - if chemotherapy had a flavor, it would be very much like nail biting deterrent. So it got me thinking. How can I apply this little bottle of Denatonium Benzoate to my life in other ways? What would I want to deter someone from? Certainly I wish I could deter Junior from peeing on the toilet seat, but if his mouth were involved in that - we'd have a whole other bag of problems!

I researched the chemical online, and discovered it saves lives! It is used in antifreeze to prevent animals and kids from being poisoned by giving it this incredibly bitter taste - so drinking the cool-aid looking liquid is out of the question. Go figure.

Perhaps it could be used to curb stella's ravenous appetite for shoelaces, plastic bag handles, hair elastics...a great way to avoid another surgery...
must test it first, I wouldn't be surprised if it tastes like catnip to her.

I kid you not, she just dared me to try it.
I just caught her trying to eat a plastic bag now!
The sooner this experiment, the better...

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  1. This stuff is nasty. The second hand nail biting deterrent that I get from kissing him is horrible!!