i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cold feet

I have cold feet.
Not about getting engaged - for that my feet are very very warm.
I mean literally.
My feet are seriously cold. And they have been this way since 1995. I am always searching for ways to get them warm - I burned a hole in my sock one night when I slept with a hot hands pack.

Tonight I learned a home remedy trick that I am testing out right now!

Step 1
get your pepper grinder and a pair of socks ready.

Step 2
pull a Snooki and get grinding! Don't forget to shake your sock like a polaroid picture after.

Step 3
Oh yes. Time to put your footsie in that sock! We aren't making puppets, here. (on the counter is optional)

Step 4
Repeat with your other foot, rub them together and wait for the magic to happen.

The home remedy also suggests that cayenne pepper will do the trick - but I'm afraid you might get a two-for-one special with that one: red hot feet and red hot stains all over the place.

I do feel a slight warming sensation, kinda nice - but nothing that is going to properly melt these ice cubes. This pepper trick might be best after a hot foot soak, to keep feet warm.

Tonight I'm going to bed with salted licorice in my mouth and peppered feet in my socks.


  1. Becca how did you not know that? I used to that before going skiing. I would put it in my boots though. i think i even put it in my skates sometimes, but barefoot

    nels XXXXXX

  2. Get one of those bags that you can heat up for a sore neck - you know the ones filled with beans or oatmeal...I think they are called magic bags at the pharmacy nuke it and stick it on your feet, I sleep with mine...course now that I'm older it causes hot flashes but my feet are warm!

  3. my oatmeal pack is too busy nursing my always-ever-so-sore-neck! time to get some more - great idea!