i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, April 24, 2011

bloody diet

Vampires have a blood diet...

And now so do humans.
The only difference is vampires have to know what blood type they like, while humans have to know which blood type they are.

I learned today about the blood type diet.

I am not one for diets. I tried the cabbage soup diet once. It lasted approximately 24 hours - 13 of which I spent sleeping. My awake time was spent as the incredible hulk, throwing temper tantrums and breathing heavily a lot, a direct result from depriving my body of carbs.

My only relief was after eating one of those huge oatmeal cookies that my hulk self got ultra violent with a vending machine for.

I thought I did pretty good with the apple diet. I lasted a whole work day until my allergy to apples got the better of me and I had a large rash all around my mouth.

And I would never try the candy diet. Candy is much too much a part of my life to risk getting sick of it permanently.

This blood type diet is interesting. It appears to be a science, letting you know what foods are best based on you as a biochemical individual. It's not just about weight loss, but eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have no clue what blood type I actually am, but if I had to guess I'd start with Type B, for Becca.

I would switch diets but my latest one has been working for me. The 'don't be a pig diet,' where I get to eat whatever I want but in moderation.

bloody dieting!

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  1. i just learned I am actually type A+
    which must be the best blood type - because nothing beats an A+