i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my friends told me

The night shift is beginning to take its toll.
If you were to hang around my house during the day you might think I have narcolepsy. Little naps here and there - the couch! The bath! the bed! oh my!
Today, at 40 minutes until work punch-in - you could find me taking a 25 minute catnap beside a napping cat. Nelson had to wake me up and get me off to work.

totally a faked picture - but you get the idea!
Stella is also fake sleep posing - but you get the idea!!!

I have always needed more sleep than the average bear. As a child my mom used to forcibly wake me up to eat dinner after not waking up for breakfast or lunch. To feel rested, I usually like around 11 hours of sleep, as opposed to the 8 hour 'norm.'

I could never ever ever deprive myself of sleep. But thats just what army people do as part of basic training. I learned this tonight from a one-sided conversation I had with a character on the show I am working on.

As an editor, I have a 'friendship' with the people I edit. Even though the characters have never met me and have absolutely no idea who I am, I often feel close to these people, like I know them so well. I am that fly on the wall, privy to everything going on. My favorite is when we get to bond over jokes. Or when they say something really funny and I get to rewind it a hundred times to review it. I may seem like I teeter on stalker - but I assure you I am not the Robin-Williams-'one-hour-photo'-type.

Now. The man with whom I was having a conversation with tonight was talking about how working on the rigs can be tiresome, and sleep deprived. But he said it's not an issue for him, as sleep deprivation was part of his basic training in the army.

So that confirms it. I could never be in the army. Sleep deprivation is more of a turnoff than having a sweaty large man spittling in my face as he yells 'ATTENTION SOLDIER! DON'T MOVE AS WE SHAVE YOU BALDER THAN BRITNEY SPEARS!'
I am not sure what this skill would be good for. I guess maybe if you were in a who could stay awake the longest contest it might prove itself useful.
It would be torture for me.
And in fact - when I mentioned this army training-sleep-deprivation thing to my coworker Albert, he said that people use sleep deprivation as a torture method! Bad people make their captives listen to loud music and blinking lights! (I wasn't listening as to 'who' these bad people were though. In order for this to count as something I have learned, I think it is important I ask Albert at our next shift.) Maybe thats why army peeps are trained in it - in case by the off chance they fall victims to the 'bad people' that use sleep deprivation as a torture device.

I would like to stop the learning there, but cannot.
I learned something else today from a friend at work that has no idea who I am. And it has to be shared with you for shock value.
Someone on the rig was cleaning their gloves with soapy water and mentioned that the Greeks used to use urine as laundry detergent.
What a fun fact.
I have confirmed this on google. Due to its lye content, urine can be a great stain remover or detergent.

I will have to keep this in mind next as a quick fix next time Dale soils my bedsheets with vino


  1. heard one today that apple cider vinegar rubbed liberally under the arms is a sure fire way to cure BO.
    Could be a whole new product line for Axe. Honey Dijon body spray....vinaigrette shaving creams.....possibilities are endless

  2. James says...

    We are freakishly on the same wave-length. My comment was going to be "Careful you don't teeter into One Hour Photo territory"...but you were already there :)

  3. haha wasn't that the scariest role RW has ever played?

  4. i bet vinegar in your arm pit burns!