i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, April 07, 2011

banana splits

I have never eaten a banana split.
That is because I have never eaten a banana. Because I hate real bananas.
I instinctively know I do not like them. The same way I knew I did not like breast milk ice cream a few blogs back. Or cow tongue. Maybe my mother force fed them to me as an infant and my subconscious still resents them.
It is ironic because I'm a fan of the banana spin-off. I like banana bread. I like banana republic. And I especially like that fake banana imitation flavor in candies and popsicles. mmmmmm.

And today I have learned about one more banana-thing that I like.
This wacky old 60's show on teletoon retro called 'the banana splits adventure show.' 

Have you seen this?
It is Hanna-Barbera's best kept secret. Big hairy wild mascot costumes running around scriptless and dancing - It has to be one of the best shows on teletoon retro (besides looney tunes, of course). I am actually laughing out loud like crazy when I watch it!
How can it be I never knew of its existence until now? - It is Hannah Barbera for crying out loud!
Look at how great it is:

Are you smiling yet? (the voice at the end is totally Tigger, no?)
These costumed guys are totally having the times of their lives. I think the show just plunks them down in a setting and they run around ad-libbing with physical comedy. I guarantee there are kangaroo pockets inside each animal harboring mickeys. It all feels very 'jackass' before there was a 'jackass' to me.

Normally I have a major aversion to mascot-like characters. My Dad always told me to be leery of masked people. Even Youpi grosses me out. Think of the sweat and grunge that cling to the matted fur. And I have an inkling they aren't being washed but on a yearly basis. There was once a chicken at a brunch I went to at Thursdays. I attempted telepathy to beg it's coarse yellow-but-supposed-to-be-white-tinged fur to remain a safe distance away.

My dislike being said, I would give my editing career the switcheroo if it meant I'd get paid to sport a costume like the 'banana splits,' and run around dancing a fool...Lyndsey wanna make your directorial debut?

This is one show I will be PVRing on a regular basis.
Who wants to come watch?

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  1. If you get into a costume and run around like a fool I'm in!