i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, April 16, 2011

are you afraid of the dark?

If you are Canadian, then you must live in an igloo, say 'eh?' alot, and survive on poutine.
Those are our typical what-we-are-known-for stereotypes.

I learned about a new Canadian stereotype today.

I am not sure how it came up at lunch, but Jen (2 days in a row you teach me something missy!) mentioned that Canadians had the stereotype of all being afraid of the dark. Or at least the Thai people were under this impression when she went to Southeast Asia a few months ago.

It might be a valid stereotype. Maybe thats why YTV came out with that Canadian series 'Are You Afraid of the Dark.' I know I am Canadian. I know I am terribly afraid of the dark. I let my mind wander and I think I am being broken into or summoned by spirits. Until I turn on the light and see stellabijou playing with plastic bags.

I am most scared in the dark at my parents place when I have to walk up the basement steps and it is dark beside me. I half turn and walk up sideways like that sideways walking crab.

I am not the only one. Kim the Canadian admitted at lunch she is afraid. And so did a few other Canadian people. And I know positively my sister Jessica is terrified of the dark and Canadian. 

Look how menacing I am in the dark.

Amazing how a little light turns me into a sweet princess.

This stereotype makes some Canadians very upset. A few defensive comments online were

"Hello! We live up North where days are very short and mostly dark!"

or my personal favorite -

"Many Canadians are miners! They go down into deep dark holes all the time for heavens sake!"

My theory is that stereotypes exist for a reason.
There must be some canadians who love the dark - just like some Philippinos can swim - just like some Brits have nice teeth - or just like some asians must have failed math.
But my guess is the majority of peoples in these territories do not, can not or have not.

lets have a vote in the comments - I will start


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  2. My mother used to tell me, "You cannot go outside now, it is dark", and other such comments, all building up 'the fear' inside of me. It was only when I was in my 20's that I finally overcame it (somewhat). We need to teach our children to conquer the world, not to fear it.

  3. well I'm not fraid of the Dark, but turning on the light to find Stellabiju into the plastic.. BOO ooo
    Had a good laugh over that one EH

  4. well...
    Sometimes I am afraid of the dark like when I am at a big hotel.
    but the other times I imagine I feel like some body watching me like I am a princess, but the most times I am not afraid of the dark when I am at my aunt sues or omas.
    ps. I sleep with a night light on

  5. the dark scares me as well.

  6. I'm afraid of the dark, especially walking in the woods and feeling like everything is watching you (and it IS watching you!)

  7. I am Canadian and I am not afraid of the dark...I embrace it!! Favorite dark time....summer late at night when everyone else in the "hood" (if you can call Hudson the hood) is asleep and its hot and kinda muggy, I take a walk...it's sooo quiet and peaceful. I like it, eh!