i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, March 03, 2011

tomato cake and Dr. Phil trump LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL

As I proposed yesterday, I got my hands on a newspaper. But not just any newspaper - a french one. Nelson is no doubt smiling, but I did not do this to challenge myself languagally. I had no choice in the matter, as every Montreal Gazette had already been swiped from their racks in the 2 depanneurs I tried. I suppose I did kinda learn MORE because it was french (as I was practicing the language) - but it's risky because I'm not sure I even translated the facts correctly. This list below could be totally bogus. In any case, I read it cover to cover.
  • 72 restaurants n Montreal were found  to be unsanitary - with rat excrement, roaches and flies.
  • 40 families were unjustly evicted from their trailer homes
  • someone had a lung transfer
  • someone died in a car crash 
  • some doctors prescribe the wrong medicines to fill their quotas 
  • the pope announced that jews aren't the only ones responsible for jesus' death -  so are evangelists
  • you can learn to enjoy food more if you suck on a raisin for 20 minutes
  • bran van 3000 is making a comeback
  • sugar sammy is trying to take over the world
Then there was a bunch of political mambo jambo that I bypassed.

Reading the newspaper cover to cover today was a fun experiment and I learned many facts, although I must mention I was not really interested in them. I was more captivated by the 'selfish people!' featured on Dr. Phil, and the spontaneous tomato cake that presented itself for dessert.

Yes. you read correctly. My friend Jen made tomato cake.

Wha...? You can make a cake with tomato! Now THAT's a fact worth learning! I think Mikey would likey.
needless to say. I have developed a new rule.
NEW RULE - what I learn has to come to me spontaneously. i cannot actively go and search for facts. maybe sometimes. But not today.

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