i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, March 04, 2011

unlearn a lie

Whew - that was a close one!
I almost broke my unwritten rule of having to blog once a day, every day for the next year (and it's only my first blog week!)
You see, this blog entry is sort of a lie. A white lie. It says March 4th at the top - but it is March 5th. I have managed to come from the future to blog about the past!
An explanation is in order!
After coming home from dinner March 4th (which is supposed to be today, readers. Alas it is not!), I wanted to do nothing more than curl up on my couch and blog about the hilarious lie I learned and had top unlearn that day - but when I walked in my front door, I believed I was about to be murdered or a looter's victim when 30 of my friends screamed surprise. I had no time between the subsequent no-one-is-actully-trying-to-end-my-life relief, tears and shakes to organize my thoughts and blog it out.
So i quickly reserved the MARCH 4th date by posting at 11.25pm:

oh my goodness gracious nelson threw me a surprise party!
gotta blog tomorrow!

SURPRISE! We are going to ambush you and take your photo without makeup. surprise!
cake courtesy of dylan - tasted like love and sweety mallow.

Now I can edit that old post to include the real learning events of that day - as if my heart attack and soiled underpants never happened. And here they are, on March 4th!

I really love tomatoes.
I made fried red ones using the recipe from season one of Chuck's Day Off. (I highly recommend them)
But I made too many, so I stored the prepared but uncooked ones in a pan in the fridge (siran-wrapped of course!). 
When Nelson saw this - he taught me something new!

Nelson: "Becca! don't ever put pans in the fridge. They get rusty."

Success! Nelson filled my learn-quota for the day.
Or so I thought. Turns out this 'rusty pan fact' was one of those 'facts' Nelson sometimes makes up in his head and convinces himself it's true - then spreads it around to ignorant folk.
Very much like the time I was positive it was someone's job to punch the holes in swiss cheese. A swiss holer. I told quite a few people.
It was Nelson's wise mother who set the facts straight

Suzanne: "No. A pan can't rust in the fridge."

I had to quickly unlearn this lie and fill the void with other useful new-to-me knowledge. Coincidentally, It was Suzanne again who saved the day. 
Suzanne is in the charge of the Future Electronics monthly magazine. As you know,  I am the new Creative Art Director for the vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club 'Classic BMW Motorrad' magazine. When I showed her some of my layout designs - she warned me about the printing specs of leaving a middle margin on the pages in my work to allow room for the spine and binding!

First page layout for Bill Costello's cover story (Classic BMW Motorrad)
Each page will be folded in the center - and there has to be a margin so that you don't lose parts of your image along the fold line when the spine is added after print.
This is a great bit of knowledge I had never considered before! I am happy.
Way to learn!

But now I have burdensome thoughts about how this first issue of the mag is going to turn out.


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