i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

supprimer my shift

Well it has happened.
Tonight I have broken my usual midnight blog curfew and turned into a pumpkin. For the remainder of my editing contract I am afraid it will have to be this way.
As of today (well technically yesterday, but I have not yet slept so it is still today) I have started editing during the night shift. The night shift. night. like 6pm-ish-2am-ish. My biorhythms are conspiring to kill me within the next three weeks.

This is me at 2.34am.
Notice anything special? Besides my hair and fancy neon yellow top?
This is me at 2.34am on a new MACBOOK PRO!
Yes, I bit the bullet and bought one today - with the moral support of Lyndsay - and I learned something new at the cash register!
When I was coughing up the dough for the mac (my coughing up I mean totally charging 100% of it), I had to sign on one of those little digital pads that make your signature look nothing like your signature.

In Quebec we get two choices at this signature point. And they are not bilingual.
Of course I chose ENTRER because i had no idea what SUPPRIMER meant. Then, I realized the golden opportunity of learning something new lay before me.
I asked Lyndsay the meaning- she didn't know. Why she didn't know I don't know. Usually when I have a franco question and I can't find a franco I ask her. But she was answerless.
Usually I don't ask strangers french vocab. Strangers don't like it. Strangers look at me funny and make me sad I am not perfectly biligual. But my stranger seemed nice and english enough, so I asked Yashim my mac service guy stranger and he said 'SUPPRIMER' meant 'DELETE'

It was a great moment - it was the first time I got to respond 'well then, you learn something new every day' to someone since I started the blog.

Then something kind of wonderful happened like 8 hours after the purchase was made. At work some computer programs are only in french. I wrote a bad file in a french program and had to delete it. And guess what? I looked for SUPPRIMER in the menu! Sure enough there it was, begging to be pushed to erase the past.
Maybe I will start seeing and hearing 'supprimer' everywhere now. Like the time I learned the word cacophony from a tv show and then suddenly it started stalking me in my books, magazines and conversations.  My recent Doric column learn has kind of been like this too.

The the challenge is to learn a way to supprimer my biorhythms memory.

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