i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

shedding isn't just for pets

I know zilch about human babies.
I have never held a newborn, they are way too breakable. I have never changed a diaper, they are way too stinky. I have never had a friend wth a baby, my friends are way too into birth control.
MTV's show Teen Mom is about as far as my baby knowledge goes. That, and my cousin Stephanie telling me that her two kids were like pets.

But that is about to change!

I myself have not caught the baby-fever - but a brand new baby has entered my social circle. Congrats and welcome to the world baby Lara! She was born yesterday, the first to my close friends George and Gen. And she is beautiful - I haven't met her yet, but George texted Nelson a photo, and Nelson forwarded it to me. And I gasped out loud when I saw it. She has quite the gorgeous head of hair! She's not even 48 hours old and already has more hair than a Kardashian sister. I on the other hand was born and stayed hairless until I was two years old.

So onto what I learned today:
This doesn't happen to all babies, but many lose the hair they are born with within a couple of months!
Amelia told me this. She knows much about much - and is an auntie two times already. Babies shed because of the hormone changes after birth.
Babies shed...
Pets shed...(why just today Stella gave me a nice fur patch on my black couch)
Me thinks that maybe my cousin's children-as-pets theory isn't so farfetched.
Its seems a sin to compare sweet little newborn babies to animals, but some people make a good living that way: 

And I feel even less guilty when Anne Geddes has babies posing as rats and insects.

I look forward to mothering vicariously through Gen! I'm sure she has much to teach me - and you know I love to learn!

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  1. oopsie oopsie I made a boopsie.
    Once again Jen Cholette is not given credit for the words she speaks. It was JEN who told me about baby shedding - not Amelia.
    I once got the credit for Jen's term 'Wamily'