i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, March 07, 2011

Asian Sensation

I do love being unemployed. It permits me to go have a late lunch everyday and visit with old friends that have names like 'Sensation.' His nickname by the way, came long before the Jersey Shore invented a 'Situation.'
Today Dennis 'Sensation' Yang took me to a restaurant in China Town called New York, which has a reputation for being one of the best apparently.
We were seated for soup and spring rolls.
I knew this was a special restaurant because Dennis doesn't normally go to China Town, 'there are too many Asians there,' he says.
Dennis is Chinese, therefore allowed to make such comments.
Kind of like how Elton John is allowed to call Ellen a lezzie.
I am not.
I once called a band of Native Americans 'Indians' after hearing them call each other that (at Pjs, where else?). I got the stink eye for that one, and a little lecture to boot.

Anywho, Dennis taught me something new about Asian supper politeness. When someone pours you tea (it arrives at your table like water), you tap your fingers a couple of times lightly on the table as a substitute to saying 'thank you' with your mouth full of won ton or peanut butter dumplings. It is quite a clever notion, but not everyone can get this down pat their first try.
I did a good job of tap-tapping, but not such a good job being quiet at the same time. Being quiet is my kryptonite, so of course I ended up saying two things at once: I said 'thank you' (with a tap-tappy) and 'I wonder if they have green tea ice cream?' with my mouth full of cilantro.

Jessica has confirmed this tappy rule, she knows well - seeing as she worked disguised as an asian girl for some time. She also added, that it is impolite to leave the tea spout pointing at anybody after the tea has been poured. Must be very difficult at family reunions.

I will experiment next time I eat Chinese if anyone notices how quiet and teapot feng shui I can be.


  1. Not disguised. I looked like me - just the karaoke hostess version. They called me white girl & white devil & because they were Asian they got away with it.

  2. Ok, not disguised.
    Didn't you start picking up their dialects and accents? That makes me laugh when I think about it. Lip my stocking!

  3. you two crack me......btw Jessica, did you have to wear a "qipao" while working as a karaoke hostess? Just curious.

  4. Guess not cause I have NO IDEA what you speak of.

  5. My March 9th post might trigger your memory