i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, March 12, 2011

rediscover = learn

Everyone I have an announcement to make.
I learned today I am addicted to cigarettes.

No, Not the kind that give you cancer.
The kind that sits on your hips and gives you cellulite.
I have rediscovered Popeye Cigarettes, and rediscovering is learning.
I am sure my Daddy's heart skipped a beat when he saw the above photo - I know it was highly illegal in the Arsenault household (once upon a time) to hold one of these delicious white chalky sweet sticks between our lips like a smoke. Just like it was illegal to watch the Simpsons. My Dad really didn't like how Bart said 'Eat my shorts, man!'

Technically they are cigarettes no longer. They are now 'candy sticks' and along with the name change, they have dropped the little red fiery edible paint on the tips.
Now that I have rediscovered them I don't think my personal candy stash will ever be popeye cigarettes candy sticks-less again!


  1. James says...

    I almost had a heart attack when I read your opening line. In the future, I would request that you please forewarn me before using more cigarette-related humour...

    ...and yes, those sticks are goooooood. And chalky. Can you write with them? I don't remember...

  2. AS always , you make me laugh. Your dad sounds a bit like a Nazi

  3. OMG Becca, you just gave me a WWWHHAAAT the H..ay moment. Then I laughed . it was a relief. Loved your pictures and your popeye cartons. I remember coming home with one in my mouth and Oma was about to lay into me, then realized it wasn't real, but looked it with the red dye at the end of it. Needless to say she never wanted to see me with it in my mouth again.

  4. .....Your dad sounds a bit like a Nazi....

    Vat is meant by dis? Yah! You vant to get me going?

  5. Herr Paol...

    Go in your folksvagon and do not vorry. it vas a yoke i tink