i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, March 10, 2011

real housewife of St. Henri

I have much to learn about being a housewife.
Although I am not officially his wife, (yet!) while Nelson is at work he expects me to take care of business at home. This is a reasonable request, as I am home most of the day futzing on the 'puter and watching Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil has taught me much, but you can't learn all of your housewiving tips from Dr. P, or the ladies on SLICE/BRAVO. Sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way. Today I learned 4 what-not-to-do tricks first hand around the house - the hard way.

1. Never use a mug that sits on the counter, appearing to be clean. Your freshly brewed latte might get spat all over the counter when you realize your mug had previously housed cuploads of gargling salt water, used for Nelsons chronic sore throat. 

2. Don't touch hot rigatoni fresh in the strainer. Just because it isn't in the pot doesn't mean it ain't still hot! But me and fresh rigatoni is like a mouse with cheese in a cheesetrap.

3. Don't leave wet clothes in the washer for more than 24 hours. They will end up smelling like old dirty catch-all dish rags. Thank goodness it was Nelson's load! 

4. Don't leave bulkbarn chocolate covered pretzels on the floor near an unsupervised dog while you park your car on an icy driveway.  

5. Don't buy toilet paper from the depanneur between mine and Jen's house. It's like the tp you find in a shabby Quebec restaurant. It disintegrates in your hands, and feels like recycled sandpaper.

6. OLD fact but my mother insists I write (she is hanging over my shoulder), never put your fingers in a pickle jar if you are menstrating, as they will go bad. Not that she cares because most of her fridge food has already expired.

I have just learned I cannot blog with my mother beside me.

Most of these facts Nelson would sternly say 'are common sense!'But sometimes you just gotta get a rigatoni burn before you actually learn.

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  1. hey guys - little housewife update - I made nelson fish today like he asked.
    And he didn't show.
    Well he did but late and it got cold.
    Just like a real housewife story!