i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Pepperoni Profit

If you have not tuned into Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 yet, you don't know what you are missing. This cast rocks! From Richard Hatch (who tonight I learned served jail time for tax evasion from his big Survivor win) to Nene, to my man Gary Busey!
Although I did learn a little tiddy about my PVR today (it records SD and HD seperately!), I feel it is much more important to inform you of my new-found Gary Busey knowledge.
I'm not sure why exactly Busey facts qualify as new learnings and Britney's Spears' headshaving do not - but learning about Gary just feels right - check out these two links to see why:



As the Pepperoni Profit in the premier episode, Gary helped sell pizzas by screaming

"It won't give you gas - it will make you run fast, think sharper and sleep like an angel!"

It's Busey-isms like these that take the pressure off of me writing anything funny for this blog entry. I will sit back and let Gary do all the work.
I knew about his motorcycle accident which his doctor described as having 'essentially weakened his mental "filters" and causing him to speak and act impulsively.' but I had no idea of the following:
  • he was a drummer in a band called 'The Rubber Band'
  • Gary is a big fan of Jesus, and has recently become an ordained minister
  • He had a kid last February!
  • He was nominated for an Oscar for his role as "Buddy Holly"
  • he is 1/8 Native American
I look forward to more cell phone calls in the middle of Trump eliminations.
I feel bad for poor Marlee Matlin. The worst time to be deaf has got to be around Gary Busey I think.

Fun fact for my readers:
I am proud to be 2 degrees of separation away from Gary Busey (through Alain Zaloum, the director of Property Shop seasons 2 and 3, who directed Gary is a couple of movies - Suspicious Minds, Southbeach and Canvas.
I am also  2 degrees of separation away from Richard Hatch (through John Feist, the director of Debbie Travis' All For One).
Sleep well!

"Acting is a trick word. It's like a coyote. It doesn't belong. Acting is the absence of acting. It's believing the truth of the moment you're creating at that time."


  1. Well I've listened to the world of Buseyisms ! Uuuugh
    Wha,de , he sa

  2. James says...

    I totally saw this episode...and I NEVER watch this show. He was really ranting like a nutso outside that pizza place. Now, I can see why the Conan Show has their blimp follow him around:


  3. I haven't even heard of that Conan blimp stalking!
    If my computer had sound I soooo would watch it.