i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, March 27, 2011

over the shoulder boulder holder

This is an entry for the boys.
In fact, if you have a Y chromosome, you can skip this entry altogether.

***note. Should the Y chromosome decide to continue reading he may experience total bewilderment, puzzlement and utter confusion.

Today I learned how to shop for bras! And it is kind of an art. Sure I have been many times before, but never like this. I was properly measured and given tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect over-the-should-boulder-holder. I have discovered up until now I have been living in total bra darkness.Usually I go for pretty colors and shape. but there is sooo much more to it than bright green and polka dots.

I learned it has to be tightly fitted around your ribs, so I have actually gone done a size to what I typically wear.
I learned as well you are supposed to start wearing it on the loosest clasp on the back, and gradually tighten up as your bra gets stretched and worn out in the wash.
And don't forget to adjust your straps so the back of the bra is at the same height on your ribs as the front! Don't let it ride high on your back.
So much to think about.
Discovering about bras today was just as exciting as the time I discovered I was getting boobs in the first place!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a my green bra, a match and some gasoline. This is going to be one bra-blaze that is NOT just in the name of feminism.

ps - LADIES! check out this bra! Have you seen this?

Are there even 100 ways to wear a bra? Please don't tell me Victoria's Secret is doing for bras what Borat has done for the mankini....

but alas...it appears VS has truly outdone themselves!


  1. who knew wearing a bra was so complicated...and here I've just been throwing it on haphazardly with no thought at all...I learned something new today!

  2. I loved the experience too!! I love the way my new one fit.

  3. My days of lovely lady lumps in limbo are over.
    Wore the new one today - like a glove!