i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, March 26, 2011

not sure yet

8.11 pm - no clue what i learned today - lemme go to a party, figure it out and get back to you.....

2.39 am - back from the get together. Would you believe that Linday Lu had a 'facts you don't know' newspaper article cut out on the fridge? It was fate. Me needing to learn something - and that newspaper needing to teach someone. When I asked Lindsay Lu about what sort of facts were on it, she said 'oh yeah haven't read them yet...cut it out a while back and was hoping I'd get to it sometime.'

So Dale did the honors of reading me some new random facts.

1.No word in the english language rhymes with 'month'
Interesting. I like English rhyming. Simple, obvious. Stella rhymes with nutella rhymes with fella. But in Frenchland - 'month' has several rhymes, like ninth, absinth, labyrinth and billionth. Basically anything that has a 'nth' would count as a rhyme. Rhyming has been a source of petty arguments for my man and I going back quite some time. Dumbest everest.

2. Pinocchio means 'pine head' in Italian
So I am surprised I did not know this - even though Gepetto in Disney's version does sing 'My little wooden head...' as he is creating the long nose liar boy. I somehow doubt the film would have been as successful to this day had they called it 'pine head,' then of course pine head 3000. And don't forget Monteal's bar on crescent - Pine head.

Why does everything sound so good in italian?
Here are some true pine heads:

 3. An emu can't walk backwards
Really who cares? But it is fun to know.

 4. Spencer Elden is the name of the naked baby on Nirvana's album. He is now 20.
again - who cares? But it is kind of cool - he was such a grungy icon from days long past. But I do need to point out that his parents were willing to potentially drown their little bundle of joy for 200$ flat fee for the photo. It's fun to get older and then re-examine things with a moral perspective.

There were many other facts, but Dale claimed them to be too boring to read. To read out loud anyway.

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