i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, March 19, 2011

mamun knows his fruit

Less than 5 hours ago I was blogging about my bushy brows. They still look fantastic by the way.
But it is a brand new day, as the clock has struck past midnight, even though I have not yet gone to sleep. This is the first time have learned something so fresh into the day.
You can never celebrate St. Patrick's day too much. So today I wore the same hat I wore last night (technically 2 days ago because it is now the 19th) to Katie's party.
At the party, we got to talking about how tomatoes are a fruit, which everyone knows. BUT what I did not know is that anything that produces a seed is considered a fruit.
This was a very hot debate between Katie's boyfriend Mamun and myself. Surely a green pepper is not a fruit!

 But it is. Only google could convince me of this as truth. So Mamun, I apologize. You win the fruit war. And I have learned my fact for the day.
Other fruits masquerading as vegetables include:

 Don't worry - I am just as shocked as you are.
 Basically the only real vegetables are roots (e.g., carrots), stems (e.g., celery), or leaves (like spinach). I'm freaked out - I feel like my whole life has been a lie.
I will attempt to serve a 'fruit' salad at my next gathering and let you know how it goes over.


  1. Will I have to eat this so called 'fruit salad'? because I might be washing my hair that night!

  2. Now, where do genetically altered seedless watermelons fall?

  3. James says...

    This has indeed blown my mind. I think I just retroactively lost a bunch of arguments.

    Here's a follow-up question for you, oh curious one: Are avocados fruit? I suspect they would be, given they have a big pit, and pits are like seeds...

    My mind is blown. Again.

  4. avocado = fruit
    this is killing me!

    At least seedless wat5ermelons are still fruits - apparently they have little white seeds still in them.

    katie - you will definitely be 'washing your hair' on my fruit salad night. I know I will be blow-drying stella's coat that same night!