i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, March 21, 2011

License to know-it-all

The days of lounging around the house and waking up at 11 are definitely OVER. Today was day 1 on my new editing contract. And it required that my tired bones exit from a cocoon of warm flannel sheets at 7 am. Life is hard.

Have you ever learned tons of information about a subject you wouldn't normally care to learn about? I have. I learned a lot about drilling on the oil and natural gas rigs in Alberta for the show I started working on today.

I'm not yet an expert, but I already know more than I'd like to. I have no doubt by the time my contract is over I will know everything there is to know about drillin'- except of course the first hand experience of the physical pain these men (and some women!) endure.

This is what happens as an editor, it's a license to know-it-all.. We become experts in whatever we edit.

By the time I finished my pickpocket contract for National Geographic I was certain I could pickpocket with the best of them. Even yesterday at the St. Patty's parade (day 3 of celebration for the non-holiday holiday for me) I actually said it outloud - 'if I were a pp - today would be the day would pick pockets!' I would have made a fortune.

Also - I could have sworn I was a real estate agent during all the seasons of Property Shop - and I still jump in on RE talk when Amelia and Dale discuss it. And like a true know-it-all, I even offer negotiating advice. Thank you for enduring how annoying I can be, you two!

Of course, us editors cannot become experts at everything we edit. After all, I did work on the show BUY ME when I made the worst mistake of my life - BUYing a property. That's embarssing.

I would love to see the big burly men of rigs on License to Drill try to master the craft of editing and cartooning. That's a great show idea - we can study each other's crafts and then compete to see who knows more.

FUN FACT. Everyone on the rigs talks in that funny stereotypical 'Canadian' way, that not many Canadian's actually get to hear. 'Oh boy, gotta get where yur to, eh? Bob's yur uncle, eh? All this time I thought Strange Brew was an exaggeration. Let me tell you, there is some strange brew going on in Alberta.

NEW RULE - ***this learning blog must contain learnings that commit to my long term memory. After License to Drill, the information will be drilled into my brain, never to be forgotten.

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