i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, March 11, 2011

would you hire a serial killer?

Today my Dad sent me an interesting article online.

It states you can detect if someone is lying to you by their body language. Now that may be true - I have heard of it before. But this article has a twist. There is an ex cop-lady being hired at all sorts of companies to teach HR about lie detection in an interview, and how to avoid hiring dishonest people. 

Now that's something I wanna learn about!
Since I am currently jobless and bound to be in an interview soon, I was intrigued to learn what this lady-copper is telling HR so I can brush up my skills to be the perfect candidate for my next interview.
Lady-cop says to be leery of people who sigh, pause or stutter - they could have something to hide (what about the poor King from 'The King's Speech? Good thing he was a King. He obviously would be conceived as a liar liar pants on fire in a lady-cop interview).
Lady-cop also warns that if an interviewee has their feet pointed towards the door - they might want to get away from you! Or if they don't line their belly button up with yours, they are deliberately trying NOT to bond with you.

She also says 'if his nose grows, don't hire the bastard!'

She does not actually say this - but it just felt so right to add it.

I think people who sign, pause, stutter, or point their feet towards the door are the people you want to hire. The ones that blend in real nice - too nice -  and say/do everything right always end up looking like this:

Hello! Hire me, I'm very suave and normal
No hire me, I go to church
What about us? We are good looking
I have a wife and live near a green river. How much more could I fit in?

What I have learned from this article is that people are insane for hiring this lady-cop. I can't believe good money is paid to learn about belly button bonding. The only thing bonding with mine is sweater lint.

I wonder what lady-cop says about bursting out laughing in an interview - which I am bound to do when I think of this.

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