i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i hate learning

Sometimes I hate learning.
Like today. I definitely hated learning today.
Learning that photoshop isn't good for printing text is not a happy thing to learn.
I awoke today at noon by a phonecall from the printer who is printing that BMW mag I have been working on. The images I have spent 1 month working on, are not printable.
Well they are printable, but all texts in photoshop come out fuzzy and wonky when printed so small.


So the past 10 hours have been dedicated to band-aiding my boo boo. And I predict at least another 2. If you cannot sense my verge of a breakdown - let me tell you, I'm on the verge of a breakdown.
How can this be? It's photoshop! Well I guess thats why they don't call it 'textshop'
This band-aid consists of opening up every freakin' file - (there are 40), changing the texts to solid black rather than 4 color. Then saving, and reuploading to their ftp. Sounds easy but it takes forever! 10 hours forever!
And it still doesn't solve the issue completely - next issue I'll be going back to the drawing board on how to solve this.

I want to cry.
Or laugh really hard. I have hysteria welling up inside.

On another note - the lovable dweeby guy on this season of 'The Real World' just taught me the word 'carrion.' It means decaying flesh. How appropriate.

This printing process is eating my graphics passion

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