i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. pattys

happy green day!
I learned green things today (Irish-green, not environmental-green).
This is Amelia's favorite day of the year. Even though she is not Irish (or maybe she is...everyone has a little 1/8th or something), nor is she a leprechaun - this day for her still trumps all of the pointless non-holiday holidays that we celebrate (Valentines, Halloween  - and this new 'family day' they celebrate in Ontario).

To mark this day of greenness in a special way, Amelia stewed stew and made traditional Irish soda bread. She introduced me to Guinness cheese, with whom I quickly made friends. She also made a new-to-me concoction, called colcannon. It is a delightful mixture of potato and cabbage. I will be adding this to my figurative recipe book.
Either the Irish have great recipes or Amelia's special love ingredient was exceptionally strong.
I also learned some Irish. I always thought Irish was English with a leprechauny accent, but apparently they have some street lingo.
SLANCHA - sounds like 'cilantro' with an 'a.' Means 'cheers!'

Now I will change the subject drastically - from food to poop.
It is spring. And there is poop on my neighbors balcony. Nelson says it is from her dog - but that poop is way to small to have come from Boris. Unless, as Nelson insists, it is from Boris when he was a baby last fall. We had an argument - doesn't poop melt in the winter? Surely the plop of Boris wouldn't still be there after all of these months? Does it not disintegrate in the snow?
The answer is nope. Nelson is right and I am wrong. It does not melt or va-poo-rize as I have always thought. My friends have confirmed this.
Thanks Tanya for pointing out to me that the cold snow probably preserves it - like the ice man or Walt Disney. This sounds logical.

Now on a side-side note, I did go for a job interview today - and tested out the belly button rule I mentioned in last week's blog. I tried to be perfect, but not too perfect like our good friend Ted Bundy. It worked because I start Monday editing on Discovery Channel's License To Drill season 2.

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  1. From Food to Poop to a job Interview, that was a busy learning day.
    Congrats Bec You go girl