i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

grenadille and passionfruit

Day 2 of Learning!
As I write I am gearing up to eat a grenadille and passionfruit.
I will learn what they taste like. The top pic is a grenadille. Its skin looks like an orange, but when you squeeze it, it pops back into place when you release.

Obviously this learning game will need some rules. Not all facts I lean should qualify. Like I don't think 'I learned Britney Spears shaved her head again' should count. (This did not happen by the way - i am doing a for arguments sake thing).
There's no way I can think of any other rules at the moment. I am under the weather. What does my one follower (yay!) think some other rules should be? Stay tuned as i hash them out in the next few days.

Now onto this passionfruit and grenadille thingy.
i went for dinner for my birthday at Amelia's house. She bought me champagne for my champagne birthday. The real stuff. She also made me sausages and spaghetti squash (our favorite from when we used to live together). For dessert, she made me carrot cake from scratch! She even had the cream cheese icing. I loved it, even though her boyfriend would not eat it because he has a cheese fear. We laughed and made cheese jokes at his expense. 'Say cheese' and 'Jojo, your jokes are so cheesy' were flying around like moths in a grandmas mumu closet. The cake was so delicious and filling that we didn't get around to eating the weird fruit she bought as a sidester.

i brought the weird fruit home.
here goes.

The Grenadilla is crunchy to cut open.
Holy moly it looks terrible inside. Remember that Grandma i talked about 5 sentences ago? It looks like she died and worms are eating her from the inside out. The passionfruit looks similar. i think they are part of the same family.

mmm. the grenadille is very sweet. But at the same time it reminds me of one of those dirty sink cloths that has hung around way too long and is starting to smell. Maybe my knife was smelly and it transfered.

The passionfruit is better. Very sour, but fruity fruity delish. If you are debating between trying them both - goes with the little brown one instead.

Thanks Amelia! I would have never tried either had you not plucked them off the shelf


  1. so... it tastes good but looks gross. I will try it maybe. well I like you blog it is funny and cool just like you. bye from abigail

  2. Just call me J.C.Lately(Ok before you have to ask, yes the first name is Johnny)! I'm not a big commentor, but on occasions I'd like to leave "My Two Cents", Now those last three words should clue you in on how i found your blogg! Now for this blogg, i just have an FYI for you and that is, that the the Grenadilla is indeed a Passionfruit and is mainly grown in South America and it is usually larger then the puple one! Just thought i would let you know!