i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, March 31, 2011

forest people

I am super excited about this blog entry.
I have always been semi-obsessed with the sasquatch.
Okay - super obsessed. Even my blog profile says I love to learn about Bigfoot.

When I was young I embroidered a sasquatch and hung it on my bulletin board. I also would cut out and laminate newspaper clippings whenever there were sightings. I still have one. I also watched 'Harry and the Hendersons' on a loop.

I used to want to be a bigfoot hunter. I still want to be a bigfoot hunter. I heard you can join in on expeditions in BC. It is on my bucket list.
Nowadays my obsession reveals itself with youtube-ing every sasquatch clip and PVR-ing any sasquatch shows. (I also do this with anything UFO or alien). I love stuff like this:

Monday I was lucky enough to catch a show called 'Beast Legends' and PVR it. I watched it today.
And I learned something new. And very exciting.
Sasquatches are supposed to only be in North America.
But Vietnam has sasquatches too - only they are called 'Nguoi Rung' or 'forest people.' Americans call this vietnamese sasquatch the 'wild man' and apparently tons of American soldiers had encountered them in the jungle during the war. How come I have never heard of these forest people? Don't you think this could mean further evidence that these creatures exist?

Instead of being the missing link like our NA sasquatch, vietnamese researchers believe forest people are ancient humans - like a homo erectus. It is smaller than a sasquatch, more like an average man's height.
Like our bigfoot, no one has caught any forest people, but footprints and hair have be found.

I have my own theories about sasquatches. I will share only one with you - or else this entry will turn into the length of 20 entries.
Maybe they are just regular humans, with hairy faces. Like all those people that have the condition in Mexico. It seems very likely to me.

Like maybe in times of old, these people were ostricized and forced to move into the forest and band together to make a pact never to be seen. It was never recorded because Mexicans were so ashamed of them.
has anyone considered this? I may have just solved the forest people mystery all by myself.
Dad please comment.


  1. Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. Like a colony of lepers.

    Another explanation....after Cain killed his brother Abel, he was ostracized and he was supposedly a big, hairy man. Could these be his descendants?

    In any case, despite the fact that we know a lot about this world, there are many things that we do not yet know. For example, we know that the bat is blind, and yet he flies about being able to 'see' where he is by listening to his own cries as they are echoed back to him. Recently, we discovered that the bat's ears are so sensitive that his cries would normally break his eardrums.....so, mother nature has caused that just before he cries out, the hammer on his ear lifts up so that he does not hear himself cry out....only the echoes as they are bounced back to him. Now to me, this is evidence of the wisdom of a divine creator. We just do not know everything about this earth, and some of the things that we do 'know', we will find out in the future that we were wrong and we will then reverse our scientific position. Isn't life wonderful?

  2. Yes, Becca was always super-obsessed about the sasquatch. When we were living in Kelowna I remember how excited she was to hear that someone had seen a sasquatch up at Black Mountain, on the outskirts of Kelowna. I always thought that she would grow up to be a sasquatch hunter.

  3. LOL dad!
    busting out the good ol' bat ear drum fact. I know you like that one.
    Nature is amazing - you shoud check out the 'planet earth' series...i will lend you