i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Greek and Grab

John Updike is responsible for my learning a new word today.
on page 37 of 'The Witches of Eastwick,' which I am currently reading, I came across this:

'The church was a pretty enough little Greek revival, with a shallow Doric-columned porch...'

I do not know much about Greece and greek culture, other than what I have learned from the three greekiest movies I know: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Get Him to the Greek and Disney's 1995 animated feature Hercules. All three of them failed  to mention this Doric column business.

 The term Doric relates to one of the five classical orders of architecture - it was also a dialect of ancient Greek. Doric is always capitalized.

And to think for the past 16 years I saw plastic Doric-columns on a daily basis but called them 'plastic columns!'

Guess who just learned how to do a screen grab of google maps?
greek and grab


  1. You had some Doric columns in the house a well LOLThanks for the chuckle

  2. Ever since I posted this I have been seeing Doric columns everywhere:
    on THE REAL WORLD New Orleans,
    in Bugs Bunny
    in Fantasia
    in the Old Port
    I think I had a dream about them too