i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, March 18, 2011

bushy brows

This man is gorgeous.

check out how hot my mother was is!
These are my parents.
And my father's moustache is something to talk about.
If you look for it now in 2011 - it no longer resides on his face.
It has reincarnated and placed itself on my upper face.

My eyebrows are bushy, shapeless and uncontrollable. I have never liked them.

 BUT last week at the FAB FEMMES fashion show, a makeup artist showed me how to make my eyebrows beautiful using an eyebrow pencil.
My shade is granite.
Today pencilled my brows and  it s harder than it looks. Don't put the pencil on too thick or you will end up looking like Oscar the Grouch. After some experimentation and Amelia and Jen laughing - I have mastered the art. Now my brows look gorgeous. I have learned the importance of taming those brows with a brush. I recommend it to everyone.

I sure as hec hope I don't have this to look forward to once I'm 60.


  1. Waddya mean, 'check out how hot my mother WAS'. 'WAS'? Of course you mean 'still is!'

  2. Using 'Was' is like saying, 'Is your mother a big woman too?'

  3. hey! who said anything about being big? in that photo - she was dynamite!
    but i suppose i should have wrote 'this man was gorgeous!' to make things even

  4. Didn't think there was anything wrong with your eyebrows, but glad to hear that you have been enlightened, by the granite shade of eyebrow pencil.
    I remember that picture of your Mum and Dad, it was a very special day, and time has only made them even more Handsome and Beautiful.

  5. I have fixed the whole was/is problem
    I come from some good looking folk!