i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

another reason to buy a mac

Today I had an 8 hour date with Disney.
That is how long it took me and Disneyboy to watch both audio commentaries for Fantasia and Fantasia 2000.
Let me tell you, if Fantasia were a human man, my man would have something to worry about. these are some good looking films. Check out these beautiful stills:

I see Doric columns!.

I felt the need to show you some pictures. Nowadays, people hear Fantasia and they fly into an American Idol monologue. Even google images confuses their Fantasias.
Nope. This is not the Fantasia we will be discussing in this blog:

That being said, I do like the color of her hair.

I could get seriously geeky right now and let you in on some of the animation conversations between Disneyboy and myself that went down today during audio commentary time - but even my parents who are supposed to be my biggest fans would end up de-following my blog of boredom. Who wants to know how we learned about relief cels and pushed pause to discuss it for an hour anyways?

relief cells are textured cells that you can actually crayon directly onto!

Or how there was this crazy pan background that you could get lost in:

Waltz of the Flowers background - FOR SALE right now (for probably 10 million)

or how the blue ray reprint must have uber-upped the color contrasts?

There's no way these are the original 1940 colors!

No one but Leonard Maltin wants in on those convos.

Hi Leonard - didn't see you there!

So let us talk of something else I learned - a fact about low sperm counts and sterility outta do it! (someone teach me how to spell oughtta!)
Disneyboy told me today that laptops can lower a man's sperm count because of the heat they produce on your lap. Wha...? I knew they got hot - Vince told me his burned a hole in his couch.But burn a hole in your capacity to reproduce? Great fact to know!

 I guess it's desktops only for the Duggers.

hey we are 25 J's-and-them-some counting!

This could be a great opportunity for Apple to capitalize on.
They could come up with the first sperm friendly 'Sacbook,' I can imagine the commercials now:


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