i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, March 24, 2011

all dressed wiithout a top

Nelson and I lived it up Quebec-style tonight. And there is nothing more Quebec than paying a visit to a casse-croute, sitting at the bar and enjoying a great poutine - while glancing behind you at a small tv to watch the hockey game. Ca, c'est la vie!
St. Henri has like 10 casse-croutes. I've been hitting them one by one searching fot the best poutine ever since moving to this village 8 months ago. Tonight we went to a new one (by new I mean new to us) called 'Le Miracle.' I was hopeful the name came from its scrumptious poutine rather than shock that people ate it.
Nelson ordered hamburger steak - and was disappointed when I ordered mine in english:

me: I'll have the cheeseburger trio - all dressed, but no ketchup or mayo, poutine instead of fries and a sprite.

Nelson: I am very very disappointed in you. You didn't practice your french! you always practice french! By the way, all dressed means already no ketchup and no mayo...you don't need to ask them not to put it.

me: are you kidding? So what's all dressed?

Nelson: Like everything but ketchup and mayo - tomatoes, relish, mustard, onions, lettuce, cabbage....

me right now: are they kidding? All dressed doesn't actually mean all dressed? I'm very puzzled. I wouldn't say 'okay, I'm all dressed!' then go outside without a top on. Ketchup is like that top, don't ya see? I'm not complaining, it does feel like they've made this concoction personally for me - but I had no clue that these condiments wasn't part of the all dressed family. I'm especially shocked about ketchup, it's a basic, n'est-ce pas?. Go look in your fridge - I guarantee plastic bottle to be on your door. I, a strong ketchup disliker, even do.

And to think I have been requesting 'tout garni' hot dogs and burgers without ketchup or mayonnasie my entire downtown Montreal life! That's like asking a restaurant for a meatless vegetarian meal! Or for pack of smarties without m&m's inside!

Apparently this version of all dressed is very Quebec - and other non-quebeccors have taken issue with it. Nelson just laughed and said 'Quebec likes to be different - I think it's because ketchup is meant for fries.'

The poutine was great. Grated cheese instead of curds - not for everyone.
'Le Miracle' is now on my list of St. H favs.

SIDENOTE: I held a newborn baby today.

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  1. I find a lot of places these days are using grated cheese in their poutines rather than curd cheese. Call me old fashioned but a poutine just isn't the same without curd cheese in my opinion.